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Price list

This list names the blades that I mostly work with. However, I can sharpen hundreds of items. Please feel free to contact me with your queries, comments and suggestions. 


I remove the minimum amount of metal to extend the useful life of your knives, scissors, tools & medical instruments.


Knives are blades that need sharpening frequently to perform at their best; I offer discounts for regular clients. Offers can be found at


Hair shears £25    

Any hairdressing shears or barber's scissors, including convex, bevelled, thinning, texturising and blending shears.

Pet grooming shears £25  

Pet grooming shears, whether straight, curved or for thinning.  

Fabric shears £8


Scissors: Other £5   

Includes kitchen and general purpose scissors.


Knives: Double bevel £5

Home, restaurant and pocket knives. Includes handmade knives.

Knives: Single bevel £20

Most traditional Japanese types of knives are single bevelled and must be sharpened with water stones. In single bevel knives, there is a bevel on one side only while the other is slightly concave.


Medical instruments £5    
Includes surgical and dental items. Such as scissors, elevators, curettes, scalers, and bone cutters.


Secateurs £6  
Hedge / topiary / garden shears £10

I will need to carefully inspect them before agreeing to sharpen them  

Lawn mowers £8

Price to sharpen detached blades, add £2 to remove blades.

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