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Mailing-in your blades

Before sending your order, please contact me to discuss your needs and costs.

The price list for the most commonly sharpen items can be found here.

Packing your blades

When you are ready send your blades to my workshop, it's important that your blades are wrapped in conformity to the safety rules of the service delivering them; to avoid damaging them or cutting through handlers or other parcels. I recommend putting plastic sleeves on each blade, and that they be inside a knife wrap or at least rolled in a towel tied tight or in a scissor case.

Stay tuned, by the end of 2022, I plan to offer plastic sleeves and knife wraps on my online store.

Mailing address

Please send or drop by your blades to my workshop:

Dominic McDonagh

83 Gurkha Road

Blandford Forum


DT11 7FL

Tel: 07341 628018

Click here to see my location on Google Maps.

At the workshop

Upon receiving your blades, I will:
  1. Send you an updated estimate if it varies from what we have already discussed before.

  2. Do the work that you have agreed to

  3. Send you an invoice including the cost of the courier of your choice.

  4. Book the return courier as soon as I receive your payment, your blades should be back in your hands by the end of the next day.

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