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Culinary Catastrophe Averted with Toucan Blades!

The lucky owner of these knives faced a farcical situation at his Sunday dinner party: despite having the best German knives you can buy, and everyone around the table being big foodies, no-one could slice the roast. The edges of the knives were torn up, not keen. The culprit: the pull-through sharpener (Wüsthoff Ikon like the knives). The host felt it was time to look for a sharpener, and chose Toucan Blades.

The next morning, Dominic arrived and made all his knives like new. He was so pleased he sent a message on WhatsApp to his chef-brother about it, who then arranged to bring his knives and scissors from Essex for Toucan Blades to sharpen as well.

Unfortunately, you get diminishing returns from using any pull-through sharpener. There are no short-cuts or easy Tik-Tok hacks when it comes to sharpening. It takes not only an investment in tools but considerable skill. So call a professional: call Toucan Blades.

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